survey madness

Meredith has put up her survey of the biblioblogosphere, which I just took. A number of people have commented on it already; while I would have probably asked some slightly different questions and asked some questions slightly differently, since I did not go to the work of putting the survey together, I am not going to complain. Anyway, if you are in any way a library person and you have a blog, head on over and fill it out. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and the more respondents it gets the more interesting the results will be.

After that, I was on a roll, so I tried taking the Blogger survey that they’ve been advertising on the page you get when you log in to post to your blog, but sadly, it was closed. Ah well.

Now that I’m all in a surveying mood, I’m thinking about following through on my idea of a survey of blogger linking habits, which would consider questions such as

Do you link chiefly to other LIS blogs, to other non-LIS blogs, to outside news sources, to studies? And (this is the hard part) why do you link? To back up your argument? To position your argument? Because you admire the post you’re linking to? Because you’re trying to get your blog noticed? Do you link more to short, “hey look at this neat thing!” type posts or more to longer, more reflective ones?

I have never designed a survey at all (except for this very short survey that I did many years ago), so I’ll have to give it some thought, but stay tuned. . . .

One thought on “survey madness”

  1. I think your survey idea is interesting. I’d just like to comment though that how you construct it will greatly influence the outcome in this case (as in any).

    I link to all of the mentioned things, and for all of the mentioned reasons, except to be noticed. Which is the most prevalent? I’ve got no idea, nor the energy to go through and do an internal survey of my own so it would just be a guess. And I think the diversity of reasons is just as important, or more, than the “main” one.

    And don’t forget public service linking, like to Open WorldCat for a mentioned book title.

    Good luck with it! I’ll be looking forward to taking it, even if I’m just guessing at some answers or reporting my perceptions of my own behavior. 🙂


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