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Yo! So, this is here blog is for students in the GSLIS at Dominican University. Why? Well, earlier today I ran across an article about the library job market in Library Journal that I thought people might want to read if they hadn’t seen it. I posted it on the LISSA Blackboard and was reminded again of how much I hate Blackboard (you can’t always tell what a post is about until you look at it, the navigation system sucks, and no RSS! Poopy, I say, poopy! I should add that this is Blackboard’s fault, not LISSA’s). So then I thought, well, what would be a good system for communicating GSLIS type stuff? What would I like as a GSLIS student? Hence, this blog.

There are a lot of librarian and library blogs out there — librarian.net, Free Range Librarian, Tame the Web, Catalogablog, just to name a few — and it seems kind of silly to add to them. I don’t intend for LISdom to do that. I just want it to be a place to post and exchange information: accessible, commentable-onable, RSS-able information.

So send me your contributions, rants, ideas — and if you’d like to blog on LISdom, let me know that, too — I can’t do this all on my own.

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