Read Roger!

Did you know that Roger Sutton (editor of The Horn Book) has a blog?

We children’s lit people are not so far behind the times after all. (And if you like children’s literature–as I hope you do–and are a reader of blogs–as I assume you are if you are reading this–I hope you’re reading Your Fairy Bookmother. Thanks to Rochelle for pointing that one out to me.)

Sutton (I just don’t quite feel right calling him Roger, even if he does use it in his blog’s name) points out a nifty little article in the most recent issue, complete with a very cool demonstration of what a digital picture book could be. And he points to a little bit of flawed logic coming out of ALA (you’re shocked, I’m sure):

ALA has inserted itself into’s “Don’t Read” ad campaign. For the wrong reasons, I think: “trademark violation,” which is a bit obnoxious given that the ad is a parody and the ALA is allegedly in the business of protecting intellectual freedom.

Good stuff, and worth reading, if you’re so inclined.

One thought on “Read Roger!”

  1. I found that whole Audible affair very ironic from ALA’s stand. Like you point out, it is a parody, hence not the infringement they claim. Having said that, mean as this sounds, I think ALA had it coming. That slogan they have been clinging to forever needs serious change. Getting parodied is a sign you need something new. Like you point out, ironic the stand they take since they are supposed to stand for intellectual freedom. And I will be adding Mr. Sutton’s blog to my rolls. Thanks for the tip. Best, and keep on blogging.


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