eight things

Having missed out on the five things meme, I’m picking up on the eight things one. Blame it all on Josh, who tagged me.

    1. On Friday I found both my father’s and my grandfather’s World War II military papers–a registration card for my grandfather, and the enrollment data for my father–via Ancestry.com, which is making these records available for free through D-Day.

    2. Yes, you heard that right–my father and grandfather. My father was born in 1923 and his father was born in 1896. My father was a lot older than my mother, which is why he was trying to get into the army in WWII instead of out of it in Vietnam.

    3. Actually, my father probably wouldn’t have been trying to get out of going to Vietnam. How he ended up with me for a daughter is kind of a mystery.

    4. I dislike grass. Partly that’s because I’m allergic to it and partly it’s because of the amount of energy it requires–in this part of the world it usually has to be watered, which diminishes our already scarce water, and almost everywhere it has to be mowed, which, unless you have a push mower, uses up either gas or relies on coal or nuclear energy for electricity.

    5. The other day I learned that 80-90% of the water used in the West is used for irrigation, which does make it seem like taking shorter and less frequent showers maybe isn’t the solution to our water problems.

    6. I am a bad librarian and don’t have a source for #5, but it’s a statistic I have encountered in several places.

    7. Yesterday I went to the shortest graduation I’ve ever attended. Everyone here said it was actually really long, since there were so many seniors here this year. For “so many,” read sixteen. I live in a very small town.

    8. Today is the feast of Pentecost this year, which is my favorite of the major Christian holy days as, unlike Christmas and Easter, it lacks any commercial component. I read the lesson from Acts (chapter 2, verses 1-21),* which I used to sometimes read in Greek at my old church, where we tried to have it read in as many different languages as possible, simultaneously. It’s much easier to read in English.

There. In my generally verbose fashion, I’ve managed to tell you far more than you wanted to know. Go thou and do likewise, if you are so inclined.

*Actually, I read this text, from the New Revised Standard Version, but I like to provide multiple translation options. It seems in keeping with the spirit of the day, and also in keeping with my nature as both a Classicist and a librarian.

4 thoughts on “eight things”

  1. For “so many,” read sixteen. I live in a very small town.

    That’s 3.2 times the size of my graduating high school class (which is from a small Christian School here in Cody). If I remember right, my college graduating class was 13.


  2. Oh fine, you win. But then it’s all relative–my high school graduating class was 277, but my mother’s was 964–so there are all degrees of large as well as of small.


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