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carnival time

Last week gave us Carnival of the Infosciences #24 at Grumpator (what a great name!) and today Mark brings us Carnival of the Infosciences #25.

Good stuff in both–check them out if you haven’t already.

The nature of the Carnival is that submissions wax and wane. There’s no discernable pattern to this that I can see, but I hope that future hosts will take Mark’s example and expand their editor’s picks sections when necessary. I almost always encounter something new in each Carnival, and while that brings with it the danger of a Bloglines with more feeds than I can keep up with, I prefer it to the alternative of not finding out about some voices that I may not have heard otherwise. And that’s worth remembering on days when you’re feeling Z-listy. If you’re not getting anything out of blogging, you probably shouldn’t do it. But if you get anything out of it at all, I can guarantee that at least sometimes other people are getting something out of it, too. The Carnival is one way to make that happen more easily. If you haven’t hosted or submitted, consider trying it out.

Next week’s Carnival is at Data Obsessed. Send entries to amanda at renji dot org. She’s particularly interested in anyone writing about special libraries. To find out how to host, check out past Carnivals, or learn more about all things Carnival related, head over to the Carnival of the Infosciences Wiki.


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