in-transit updates

In no particular order. . .

Remember how my computer died last month? Well, yesterday it did it again. Thanks to some words of advice and encouragement from Jessamyn, who I know has had similar problems, I was able to speak calmly but firmly to the nice people at Apple and explain that I was not going to drive to the Apple Store in West Des Moines, and they agreed to send a box to my new digs in Wyoming, and I will send the computer to them, and they will send it back to me all fixed and happy. . . at least for another month and a half.

Right now I’m in Iowa City, IA, gathering the rest of my belongings and seeing some friends before I head out west for the new job. I left La Grange, IL on Tuesday. Tomorrow morning I pick up the truck in Cedar Rapids, and bright and early Monday morning my mother and I light out for the territory. We should arrive in Meeteetse sometime Tuesday night. If you want a postcard from the road, or from when I get there, drop a line to lauracrossett at hailmail dot net with your snail mail address sometime in the next couple of days, and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Packing is always a pain, but it may be even more so when, after three semesters of library school, you approach everything as a classification problem. Should the Peets French Roast (from EFF!), which I’ve been saving for a special occasion, go in the kitchen box, or should there be a special box for groceries? Does this box contain enough poetry to mark it “poetry,” or should it just be “books?” This way lies madness, I tell you.

But what would packing be without procrastination? I just had to make myself a Simpsons alter ego. And speaking of Flickr, I’ve now gotten my mom on board. Here’s the quilt that will be silent-auctioned tomorrow at our church’s annual booksale. This year the proceeds go to Shelter House. The booksale presents classification problems of its own: because this is a community of many, many English majors, in addition to separating out genres of fiction, the sorters also separate fiction from literature, so there’s always a certain amount of horsetrading going on (“Okay, fine, you can put Faulkner in literature, but I’m putting Hemingway in fiction”). I do not recommend this as a sorting scheme for libraries.

Due to the aforementioned computer problems, after Sunday posting will be even sparser than usual, but eventually there will be library stories here, updates of other kinds over on my other blog, and, thanks to a congratulations on getting a job present of a digital camera (!) from my mom, pictures of the journey and my new digs on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “in-transit updates”

  1. A belated congratulations! Have a safe trip, and I hope you like it out here in the West.

    As for classifying the moving boxes, I always end up with a smallish box labeled “the last 100 things in the house.”


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